Gravity Enduro

Gravity Enduro (GE)

Gravity Enduro (GE) mountain bike racing is a competitive, gravity orientated cycle sport discipline of mountain biking, held on off-road terrain.

About Gravity Enduro

GE is best explained as a rally but on bikes – a long event covering large distances, with numerous sections against the clock. You have specific times to make each stage, with liaisons taken at your pace between these stages. Stages are primarily gravity focused, generally the liaisons take you to the top of the hill and you race back down for the timed section. The rider’s accumulated stage times decide the overall result. The duration of the stages can vary hugely, with part of the remit of GE to be an all-encompassing discipline to challenge multiple areas of skill and fitness.

GE123 768x702 - Gravity Enduro

What’s so good about GE racing?

GE mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for the mountain biker, with the focus of each event on creating a great atmosphere, community, competition and adventure for the competitor, including the best riding on the best terrain accessible from the event venue. The format allows riders to compete against each other, starting individually on special stages which are designed to challenge the rider’s technical ability and physical capacity.

What type of bike will I need?

Most GE racers opt for a full-suspension trail or all-mountain bike with 140mm to 170mm of travel. There’s nothing in the rules to stop you using a hardtail or lightweight cross-country bike (there are often hardtail categories which are highly contested), but you’ll find it hard work on the descents.

In short, anyone with an MTB can have a crack at GE racing. If you are reasonably competent, have a working bike and fancy having a laugh with like minded riders then come and get involved.

GE racing blends DH and XC disciplines with a huge element of fun thrown in. Anyone with a decent trail bike and enough stamina to ride their local singletrack for a couple of hours can have a bash at GE.

You get a lot more riding for your entrance fee than at a downhill race, where you often get just one final run and a few goes in practice. This also means a mishap or mechanical won’t necessarily put you out of the running.

The other big thing going for GE races is the friendly atmosphere. While the top guys are definitely in it to win it, further down the field it’s more about having a go and enjoying a bit of finish line banter.

Here is a link to a Pinned TV video of our team in action…

A few pointers...

  • Take a jacket.
  • Lubricate your bike – including suspension before you ride.
  • Griptape your cockpit controls.
  • Always wear eyewear when riding.
  • Carry some Co2 – useful for reinflating tubless tyres.
  • Wear a watch.
  • On arrival – get to registration ASAP.
  • Find out where the feed stops and water are.
  • Don’t look at the obsticles – trees – ruts etc, you will hit them.
  • Eat something at least every hour or so.
  • Relax and enjoy.
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