Time trials

Time Trials are a race against the clock, or what is more commonly known as ‘The race of truth’ or ‘Testing’ where riders start at 1 minute intervals and race as fast as possible to cover a set distance in the shortest possible time. Distances range from 10 miles to 24 hours and either consist of an out and back course or circuit loop on main roads or dual carriageways.

This is currently the most popular form of bike racing in the UK. The RNRMCA has gained many honours as a team and were ranked the Best Ultra Endurance team in the UK in 2009, National 24 hr team champions in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015 and has acquired many Welsh 12 hr, South West and Inter-Services championships and titles over the past 7 years, not to mention our many individual successes.

For those who have yet to take the plunge, here are a few pointers as to the way ahead.

  • You must be a current member (in date) of a Cycling Club that is affiliated to the CTT. For you that is the RNRMCA. If you have not joined the club or your membership has run out then update it soonest.
  • You do not require any licences as £2.00 of your entry fee acts as a levy and goes towards the CTT. This is forwarded by the Race organiser to the District Treasurer on completion of the race.
  • When you apply ensure that your first claim club is the RNRMCA. There is no rule on club colours; however the kit must meet a certain criteria with regard to length and design. However all riders are encouraged to wear club colours when racing. For events under 50 miles, some organisers may insist on a hard shell helmet being compulsory, but for 50 mile+ events you are allowed to wear any head fairing or nothing at all.
  • Entries range from as little as £6.00 for an Open event and normally do not cost more than £20.00 for a National Championships. Entries are only accepted on an official CTT entry form which can be downloaded on from their website (also via the RNRMCA site).
  • Entries normally close about 2 weeks in advance, but you are advised to enter as early as 1 month in advance for fast courses or National Championships, due to over subscription. Late entries will never be accepted once the start sheet has been released.
  • To achieve a British Best All Rounder ranking, of which anyone can enter, you have to complete a recognised Open 50 mile, 100 mile and 12 hour event. For those who want something longer then try the Long Distance Fellowship where you have to complete a 100 mile, 12 hour & 24 hour event.
  • Additionally we have an RN and Combined Services Best all Rounder for open events in 10, 25 & 50 miles.
  • You are allowed team support for additional drinks/food for event of 100+ miles.
  • You can use a normal road bike if starting out for the first time, however the addition of Aero Bars, Disc Wheels, Aero Helmets and Skin Suits have their advantages of going faster.

The club will be racing regularly throughout the season, including local and national events. For further info contact the TT Race Secretary/Manager

Want to find out more about the Cycling Time Trials Organisation (England & Wales) then visit: www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk






RNRMCA 10 mile TT Champs Yeovilton 19 May 2018  https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16999

RNRMCA 25 mile TT Champs Yeovilton 20 May 2018 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17001

National 12 hour Champs Farnborough 17 Jun 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17282

National 50 mile TT Champs Nottingham 1 Jul 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16235

National 100 mile Champs Lancashire Keswick 8 Jul 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16382

National 24 hour Champs Merseyside 21 Jul 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16889

National 25 mile TT Champs Pompy Area 5 Aug 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17665

National Team TT Tyne and Wear 19 Aug 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17245

National 10 mile TT Champs Kilwinning 2 Sep 18 https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16563