Off Road RNRMCA style what’s your poison?

Mountain Biking

Riding off road remains a popular pastime for many RNRMCA riders with in excess of 50% of club members expressing an interest on their membership form. The RNRMCA Committee remain determined to ensure all genres of cycling are represented and are always keen to hear how we can improve our profile on the Inter Services Scene.

The club boasts some outstanding athletes within the MTB fraternity and feel sure there remains an equal amount of talented riders who are currently riding recreationally at the weekend. If you are one of these riders and fancy your hand at something different then why not take a look at what’s on offer with the Combined Services races. These events offer the opportunity to meet other RNRMCA riders and from liaisons like this future plans are hatched. One thing is for sure we need input to make initiatives viable so please don’t hesitate contact the relevant committee members or get involved in the message board forum now to see what’s on offer.

For the competitive MTBer the club engages regularly with the other services to compete at events around the country in the following disciplines:

  • Cross Country
  • MTB Marathons
  • Downhill
  • Gravity Enduro

Cross Country (XC)

Organisation of these events is done collaboratively between the associations with the riders joining in with open events and gaining points for their position with respect to other Service riders. The open nature of the event is aimed at encouraging all standards to participate. Remember even the fastest rider had to start somewhere.

MTB Marathons – 12/24hr events

The Association aims to take supported teams to several of the high profile Endurance events, if you’ve ever fancied having a go at off road racing and were put off by the Lycra wearing race whippets then these are just the events for you. Raced as a team of four or five over a 12 or 24hr period; the emphasise is on having fun and spending time with like minded folk.

DownHill & Gravity Enduro

Reformed in Mar 13 the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Downhill Team have gone from a team of three riders, but a healthy Facebook presence and early race success meant the team quickly swelled to a 10 man team.  We have a custom jersey especially designed for the team and also sponsors which include 100% and Decade Europe with more companies trying to get involved.

The teams plan is to compete at regional and national level events across the country, host  training days and endeavour to get  all the team together in one place (harder than it sounds.) more than once a year. In a short time the team have already achieved a lot. So get your name down and come shred the hills with us…….if your man enough 😉