Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cycling Association

With an ever expanding membership covering most forms of cycling there has never been such a groundswell towards cycling in the Royal Navy. Keen to sustain the momentum and encourage even more members of the RNRM to take to the road/track/trail on two wheels your committee are actively seeking your help in promoting the club as widely as possible.

The objectives of the RNRMCA are:

  • To encourage cycling in all ships and establishments of the Royal Navy at home and abroad, and to advise and assist on all aspects of cycling
  • To encourage a higher standard of cycling in the Royal Navy by providing Commanding Officers, Sports Officers and PT Staff with all the specialised information necessary to promote cycling.
  • To promote amateur cycling races amongst all ranks and encourage RNRMCA members to compete in local, national and Inter Service competitions.
  • To arrange Royal Navy Championships.
  • To ensure the correct conduct of all cycle races organised by the Royal Navy.
  • To liaise with the Army Cycling Union and Royal Air Force Cycling Association on all matters of common interest concerning cycling.